Free Runecast NFR License for vExperts

Runecast is glad to offer a free NFR license to certified vExperts. Our standard NFR license is six sockets, but if that's not going to meet your needs, let us know!

What You Get as a vExpert

  • Six-socket, one-year free NFR license – run it in your home lab, ‘kick the tires’, see what you think and let us know!
  • Direct access to Runecast product R&D to help guide the development of Runecast Analyzer and make it the ultimate tool for Admins like you
  • Direct access to subject matter experts at Runecast for various virtualization topics

What we would greatly appreciate in return

  • A review of Runecast Analyzer on your Blog (let us know anything you might need!)
  • A review of Runecast Analyzer on our page at (see past Capterra reviews for example)

How to get the NFR license